Rapid Transformation Therapy with Priscilla Westgarth

Qualified Therapist & Owner of Potton Hall Spa

What is Rapid Transformation Therapy? It is a therapy technique that I use to deliver permanent behavioral change for my clients. I am a certified therapist in the Marisa Peer Method.

It is called rapid transformation because in just one session we get to the root of the problem at a subconscious level. You will quickly understand how every habitual thought creates habitual action. The technique enables you to replace a negative habit of thought that is causing blocks and limitations with a new positive habit of thought that sets in motion action that empowers you.

You get to discover how powerful your mind is and how you can harness that power to transform your body, health, lifestyle and relationships.

Although I can see you for a variety of issues from addiction to phobias, I specialise in weight-loss, digestive issues and confidence building.

Here at Potton Hall Spa my unique approach is I combine floatation therapy with my one to one Rapid Transformation Therapy to deliver fast, lasting and phenomenal results. *individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.

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